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Raising Money


1. How it works
We offer a variety of online comparison and switching services, allowing people to save a lot of money online, quickly and easily. We have brought these services together and developed YouSaveYouGive.co.uk, to allow schools, charities, as well as commercial and voluntary organisations to harness this ability to generate income for themselves. 

Find out more about how it works >

2. What can you compare
Although we are a new business we have developed the following comparison products;
 > Breakdown Cover
 > Broadband
 > Mobile Phones

In addition to the above products we are currently developing following comparison products;
 > Utilities (gas and electric)
 > Credit Cards

Find out more about what you can compare >

3. Who we work with
Our product providers are basically a who's who in their respective industry's. The top brands are top brands for a reason, because they are good at what they do. People recognize top brands and are more at ease when buying from them, especially online. The top brands are very reliable, which means we know that most of our customers will be very satisfied with their products.

Just some of the people we work with;


Find out more about who we work with >

4. What are your website options?
We have two options for you to choose from;

Link & Click Option
This is the most basic option. We provide you with text links which point directly to our pages at yousaveyougive.co.uk. This is great if you have a website or send email newsletters and takes very little effort on your part to get up and running.

White Label Website
We set up a basic website which will allow your visitors to compare our full catalogue of products. We will put your logo on the website, so as far as the customer is concerned they are saving money on your very own branded site.

Bespoke Website
This option is for a power user who thinks they can drive a lot of sales, or needs a unique comparison site beyond the white label option.

Find out more about our website options >


5. Interested? What next?
If you are interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you. Go to 'request more information' page and request more information about working with us.

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