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2. What we compare


2. What we compare
We choose our products based on the popularity of online sales. We could have a website comparing knitting needles but I doubt we would get very far with it. We've taken extra care to choose products that people want to buy, from brands that they trust, and at price that will make it worthwhile for you.

Breakdown Cover
Beyond the big breakdown providers, the UK breakdown cover market is very fragmented with a large number of smaller providers who offer very competitive deals. We have brought all of these providers together to offer a very comprehensive comparison of UK breakdown cover providers.

We have one of the widest choices of broadband packages of any broadband comparison site, customers can compare up to 200 deals, including stand alone broadband, deals with calls, television, and mobile broadband. No matter what type of package the customer is wanting, we will have a corresponding package courtesy of the UK's leading broadband providers. We cover over 95% of the UK broadband market.  

Mobile Phones
The mobile phone market is one of the most competitive markets in the UK, with a host of big name retailers both on the high street and online. With multitude of deals and varying offers and prices, there really is no better place to find a deal than on our comparison site.

Updated daily, we offer over 750,000 (sometimes up to 1,000,000) unique and different deals of varying descriptions from the UK's leading retailers.

Future Developments
We'd be letting the cat out of the bag if we told you what was coming next, however we will say there are many more product ranges still to come over the following twelve months and beyond. 

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